These are the NPCs and former PCs adopted by Veronica during the duration of the podcast listed by their season of first appearance/mention.

Season One Edit

  • Officer O'Malley - Handling the "missing boy" case that Vaeda used to escape custody from the St. Paxton police in Episode One. Presumed dead.
  • Rory Forsythe - Vaeda's brother who died at the St. Paxton School for Boys.
  • Sarah Goodwin - A young girl who has gone missing on Monhegan Island.
  • Alan Krebs - Roger Martin's butler, surprisingly badass. Nyarlathotep's first body which he used to leave Monhegan.
  • Angela and Brandy - The Twins that Roger Martin adopted after their mother's untimely death.
  • Darius - in Xander's research, Darius is revealed to have been the one to contain the Outer Gods. Responsible for imprisoning and submerging them, and banishing Nyarlathotep to Monhegan.
  • Officer O'Kelley - Questions Xander Cain upon his arrest/return from Monhegan.
  • Officer O'Brien - Questions Vaeda Forsythe upon her arrest/return from Monhegan.
  • Calvin Dodson - Professor at Boston U who hired Xander to obtain the Necronomicon from Roger Martin on Monhegan.

Season Two Edit

Season Three Edit

Season Four Edit

  • Officer Darby
  • Amy
  • Mona, Leonard's love interest. May be a figment of our imaginations.
  • Elizabeth, Mona's daughter.
  • Judy, Steve Hill's wife.
  • Danny, Steve's youngest son.
  • Jake, Steve's eldest son.
  • Sasha, Frank McFarney's wife.
  • Eliza, Frank's daughter.
  • Nancy Patricia Caldwell

Season Five Edit

Season Six Edit

Bird Arc - Season One Edit

  • Beatrice Mason - magistrate of justice of SPI
  • Carol Becker - missing teenager
  • Clark - one of the brothers who rows the boat to and from Monsato Lago
  • Clem - a dog
  • Darius Hemsley - best friend of the four player characters
  • Devin Caldwell - Patty's son, sails the ferry to and from SPI
  • Diane Becker - mother of missing girl Carol Becker
  • Ezra - the librarian
  • Henry - one of the brothers who rows the boat to and from Monsato Lago
  • Leo - owner of the Divine Bovine
  • Lily - a bird with strange markings on her beak
  • NightHawk - personal assistant to the mayor
  • Patty Caldwell - manager of the SPI visitor center and local radio host
  • Ruby Stanley - Darius's assistant
  • Tess - works at the lab in the police station


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