Visit Scenic Monhegan Island!
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date September 4, 2013
Length 1:25:05

Cast Veronica, Josh, Staci
Characters Jack Thompson, Vaeda Forsythe
Episode chronology
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It's Always Sunny in St. Paxton The One with the Baby!

From the WebsiteEdit

This week Veronica (the Game Master) takes our brave investigators, Jack (played by Josh) and Vaeda (played by Staci), on a vacation to picturesque Monhegan Island, home of the quaint (inbred) country folk and a disturbing cult religion!

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Episode SynopsisEdit

Jack receives a letter from Roger Martin, urging him to investigate the disappearance of a young girl on Monhegan Island. Jack talks Vaeda into joining him. After gearing up for the trip the two board a yaht headed towards the island.

After dropping up their luggage at Roger Martin's mansion, Jack and Vaeda go into the local town. The locals greet the pair with open hostility. At the town tavern Vaeda becomes ill from drinking a beer. Jack rushes Vaeda back to the mansion to recover.

At the mansion Roger Martin and his twin daughters have arrived. Roger invites the pair into the reading room to show them his collection of rare books. Vaeda reads from one of the tomes, and the room goes pitch black.


Noteworthy DetailsEdit

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