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Empty Halls
Season 6 Episode 2
Air date Jan 28, 2018
Length 1:18:15
Cast Veronica, Staci, Mike, Fred Greenleaf
Charcters Imogen, Hardwin, Daniel Macitosh
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Hardwin and Daniel meet a seemingly rude woman throughout their exploration who choses to stay in her room. Then they encounter Imogin who appears to be in a state of insanity speaking to all of the food packaging with faces and a severed head in a tank. Hardwin also discovers a chopped up body in the fridge arranged as such a body giving a hug. After her insanity breaks she breaks down but is ready to move on. The adventurers all head toward the exit and search for hazmat suits. They also encounter a large blond woman in a closet named 42, who Marie claims is her "mind mom".