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Season 6 Episode 1
Air date Jan 28, 2018
Length 57:30
Cast Veronica, Staci, Mike, Fred Greenleaf
Charcters Imogen, Hardwin, Daniel Macitosh
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Season 5 Episode 2

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We are introduced to the player characters. They've been living in an underground vault, Vault 19, after nuclear annihilation in the US. After an outbreak of measles eventually labeled "the first wave" and it was quickly followed by a super flu referred to by some as Captain Trips. After the weakening of the US government North Korea, Russia, and potentially China began a nuclear assault on the US after they were devastated by disease. Our 3 characters have been in Vault 19 for 3 months without contact with the outside world for 2 months and 27 days.

Imogen a famous youtuber who's vault was purchased for her by her parent's as they are on her death bed. She had gone into the vault with her dog animal and her girlfriend who she lost to the super flu and had to store to avoid the decomposition and food loss.

Hardwin was a wealthy software designer, he had initially gotten rich for selling a chat app, chatski to a company and eventually created others. He manages to contact someone else within the vault who says she's an employee. This woman, Marie who is actually a very enthusiastic child, busts him out of his room and they begin to explore the other rooms and look for survivors but their results are discouraging. They meet another survivor Daniel, who is a devout christian who's parent's had created the group Jesus and friends. He joins them and they continue to explore. as the episode concludes the light above the door turns from red to yellow meaning the outside is safe with hazmat suits.

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