Sunglasses at Night
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date January 15, 2014
Length 1:02:39

Cast Veronica, Josh, Staci, Mike
Characters Erik Miller, Anja Rosenburg, Xander Cain
Episode chronology
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Like Sands Through the Hourglass... TBA

Swear Jar Count: 20ish. Veronica allowed the listeners on the previous livestream to vote to determine who would receive the penalty. Josh was selected to receive the penalty. Josh had a 25% chance of death on critical failures.

From the WebsiteEdit

The Gang ties up some loose ends in Chicago. Looks like it's time to head back east! *shoggoth noise*

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Episode SynopsisEdit

Xander was unable to stay asleep, most likely from the day’s drinking and drama. He headed to a gas station for from some sleeping medication. On the way back he heard someone struggling in an alley way. Upon investigation he and found a creature formed from a pulsing mass of eyes and tentacles. Xander lost his mind and ran away. However, the creature managed to land a single attack which nearly killed Xander. After he made it back, Xander is rushed to a hospital. The party is able to figure out the creature is a Shoggoth, and the information is relayed to the hospital staff. The hospital is locked down while the authorities hunt the monster. Xander is stabilized, and a few days later the group leaves. Concerned about the Shoggoth attack the investigators discuss what they should do next. They decide to find someone to decipher the Necronomicon. Anja makes a few phone calls and is able to find an old colleague who still studies the occult in the Boston area. Anja was also able to secure safe passage to her colleague through the Mason Corporation. After finding what they needed, Xander headed to the bank to check his account. It had been closed, but there was note containing the address and phone number of his brother. Xander decided to call. His brother, Simon, answered the phone and was shocked to hear Xander’s voice, and that’s where we left our investigators.


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