Edward Worthington III is one of the people currently looking after St. Paxton Island. He is in charge of the police department. 

Description Edit

Edward is driven by his sense of duty. He enjoys getting to help people.

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He has been described as beautiful by Darius (Prologue 3).

Backstory Edit

Edward’s mother died of an illness when he was a child (S1E14) . He has a strained relationship with his father, who is very rich and influential in the Northview area. His father owns the local resort, and the performing arts center of NVU is named after Edward’s mom. Edward started lifeguarding at age 14 (Prologue 1).   

Prologues Edit

Edward meets the other characters when he sees Darius and Bellamy wash up while he is watching the beach from the tower as a lifeguard. He runs over to help them, and saves Darius’s life. He meets Clara when Bellamy sends her over while she is looking for help, and she takes over the compressions he was doing for Darius. He meets Todd when Todd crashes a four-wheeler next to them, and Edward notices that Todd’s foot is turned the wrong way. While Darius and Todd are in the hospital room, Edward takes Bellamy and Clara over to the Divine Bovine to grab food. While they are eating, Edward helps the owner, Leo, which he apparently does more often. The three of them then take burgers over to the Todd and Darius, after which the five of them become friends (Prologue 1).

Edward studies at Northview University with the other characters. At some point he takes an ethics class with the others. His father bought him a house that he offers to share with the other four, and they move in with him (Prologue 3).

After graduation, Edward moves away from Northview, and his father sells the house they all lived it. Edward ends up about a 3 hour drive from Todd and even further away from the others. He works as a physical therapist, and while he enjoys helping people recover from their injuries, he hates his job and the people he works with. He is also a personal trainer on the side. Edward’s father becomes sick somewhere during this time. During two of the years they all live away from each other, he takes over DM-ing the D&D campaign from Todd (Prologue 5). 

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  • He prefers cake over pie.

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