Bellamy Alexis Deepneau is one of the people currently taking care of St. Paxton Island.


Bellamy's main drive is a desire to follow Clara. She can sometimes be slow to trust new people, but is very attached to her friends.


Bellamy’s parents both study infectious diseases, and travel a lot (Prologue 1).


At 18, Bellamy was out of the country to save people in the desert. When she comes back, she finds out her friend Kara died in a fire. Bellamy almost drowns, but is pulled out of the water by Darius. Edward sees them wash up and tries to save Darius while Bellamy runs to the tower for help. She runs into Clara on the way there, who offers her a blanket. After help arrives to take Darius and Todd to the hospital, Bellamy, Clara and Edward go out to the Divine Bovine to get some food. When they later take some burgers over to the hospital room where Todd and Darius are, the five of them start their friendship (Prologue 1).

Season 1Edit


  • Her favorite color is bright green.


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