Anja Rosenburg teaches at the Boston University as a professor.



Anja's family was originally from Bonn, Germany, but her grandparents (mother's side) and parents moved to the states around 1918. Both her grandparents & parents would often speak to her in German, so she grew up speaking the language.

As a child she could hear and see things others couldn't. She would blurt out things she heard and this caused concern. Her parents, believing her to have a mental disorder, sent her for therapy at the age of 12. She realized quickly what would happen to her if she told the truth about the things she heard & saw, so she blamed it all on an imaginary friend phase and convinced her therapist that she had outgrown it. She hid her curse from friends and family as she grew up, and continues to do so now. As an adult hoping to find her own answers, she went to college and studied Psychology, Religion, and Occults. This only lead to more questions. She became a professor, and continues to educate herself on these subjects.